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BBD NIK LAINIOTIS SA was founded in 1989 in Patras, Greece and has since pioneered in the production of tissue paper products as well as the distribution of medical supplies for all kind facilities and institutions, boasting a broad range of materials for professional and home-based usage.

Our production plant and logistics installations are hosted in our modern facilities in Drepano Achaia in Western Greece, while the company employs a team of 25 well-trained and experienced individuals.

BBD NIK LAINIOTIS SA has a long successful course in Medical Supplies distribution, which is based on the supreme quality of all products, our well-organized infrastructure and our reputation for excellent customer service.

The company is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015 & EN ISO 13485:2012 standards, as well as the Greek Ministry of Health directive DY8d/1384/2004.

Our current client list consists of almost every Public Hospital in Greece, Medical Facilities of any kind, local municipalities across all country as well as various other clients such as Universities or Hotel / Vessel supplying companies, along with some recent exports to other countries.

BBD NIK LAINIOTIS SA is a continuously developing company, instantly responding to the market’s needs, constantly adding new clients and improving on our product range, while also focuses on maintaining the excellent product and service quality that characterizes our company in those 30 years of successful venturing.

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Address: Drepano Achaia, Greece, P.C.26504
Phone: +30 2610 992707 και +30 2610 994686
Fax: +30 2610 990648

Branch: 104th Heraklitou str. & Kerasias, Gerakas – Attikis, P.C. 15 238, Greece, Phone: +30 210 600 3182


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